The Reclamation, Book1

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Word/Acronym/Phrase Definition/Description
AB Neutralizer Aggressive Behavior Neutralizer; Model N-12 weapon invented by SAG member
AG; Ancestral Guide A voice inside that imparts direction or assistance when sought. It is not ones conscious. An ancestral guide is the culmination of one’s ancestors wisdom past down to the current resultant. Having an awareness of one’s ancestral guide imbues that individual with an opportunity to sustain positive living in harmony with the planet, if the resultant follows their ancestral guide’s advice.
Aggressive Behavior Neutralizer Aggressive Behavior Neutralizer; Model N-12 weapon invented by SAG member, Cromwell Higginbotham
Ancestral essence Refers to ones’ ancestors memories that are inherited in the current resultant or person’s memory; these ancestral memories are recognized as such by the current resultant and looked upon as the wisdom of their lineage
ASINC Assurance Incorporated
Assurance Incorporated Headquarters Located in Arlington Virginia
Com-link Communication connection device injected behind the left ear, in the hair line, of all ERS Allegiants; device used by the Lumenians to contact and direct allegiants to crossover to the Ephemeral Passage and other emergency messages
Earth First League Group of SAG ecological science specialists, inventors of eco-friendly products, construction methods, energy sources, sanitation processing, etc.; Founder, Nolan Troxler
EFL Earth First League
Earth Renaissance Show Public tour through US metropolitan areas  exhibiting eco-friendly products, construction materials, methods and seminars
ENAZ Eye and Nasal protector; Eye protector lenses and Nasal air filters used to clean the air when outside
Ephemeral Passage It is a labyrinth of corridors and accommodations; used for shelter and covert travel many continuums ago, and contains access points worldwide. The concealed portals and the Ephemeral Passage were created by the original natives of earth, the Lumenians
ERS Earth Renaissance Show
EXPO100 A camera-like device used by ASINC to seek out the com-link on allegiance; also reveals the hidden portal gateways
FP, FPs Focal Points; individuals to be addressed with criminal offenses per instructions by ASINC
GOWAG Go with ancestral guidance; a SAG member farewell
Lumenia Planet of science in the Lumenthen Galaxy. The homes and facilities for study and experiments of those in the scientific professions, along with any necessary support resources
MAG My Ancestral Guide
Mimp Communication through mind impulse; mental telepathy; thought transference
N-12 Weapon that neutralizes aggressive behavior in its target;  removes all traces of aggressive behavior and erases all negative thoughts; non-toxic; side effect: receiver is tolerant, agreeable and will do all within their power to avoid trouble of any sort; Invented by SAG member
Pollsyndrome Pollution syndrome; diseased condition related to environmental pollutants: animal is underweight; may or may not be able to stand; debilitated in appearance dies soon after symptoms appear
SAG School of Ancestral Guidance
SAG Aim To reclaim planet earth and our health for ourselves and future generations
SAG Alumni Organization Graduates of the SAG schools forming an organization whose mission is to be guardians of earth and their physical health; Outsiders may also obtain membership by passing a battery of tests and home study training
SAG Mission To preserve planet Earth and ensure that inhabitants have the ability to live healthy lives
SAG Symbol Ceremony Ceremony in which the member is inscribed with the symbol that represents the SAG mission. The symbol is a circle with a line following around it toward the top of the circle on each side with arrows pointing toward the completion of the circle from where they stopped.
Sealed niches Inaccessible portions of memories of a person (resultant) within the ancestral essence (see description above);  access to such recesses can be obtain by the resultant as determined by the sealed directive
Siec The siec is a lightweight breathable biodegradable sieve-like mesh material made into a cloak, hence the name coined by the people, sieve cloak or siec. It allowed some airflow but prevented ninety-nine percent of toxic particles from getting on skin or clothing. Most people wore the reusable siecs that could be cleaned with bleach or ammonia with throwaways available as well.
Swits Lumenian swits; Lumenian resources that observe all events and actions that damage the earth, natural and man-made phenomena. They also perform special tasks when directed to do so, such as, monitoring individuals activities or groups; literal translation: stare with intense scrutiny
Universal Harmony Training The homestudy of the SAG organization’s history, traditions, guidelines, disciplinary actions, expectations and ceremonies.
Zarnoh Largest planet in the Lumenthen Galaxy; Galaxy Governance located here