The School of Ancestral Guidance Saga

The School of Ancestral Guidance Saga reveals an organization nearly two centuries old whose members have committed their lives to being Earth guardians. Even though the organization is international, they are a close knit group and in this century, new members are born to existing members. Except for one member, no one has been banished from the SAG organization since its first fifty years of existence.

Now, Corilan Troxler, the daughter of the banished member, Nolan Troxler, is seeking membership along with her father’s request to be reinstated. Corilan has her own passions regarding Earth guardianship and is further inspired by an unseen presence. Her personal issues and conflicts confront her as she tries to accomplish what she has chosen as her life work in the SAG organization.

As the series progresses, every level of advancement has concerns and more issues arise. It is the saga of those that have committed themselves to Earth guardianship. What they do to live healthy lives in a natural environment is larger-than-life and an incredible journey.